Kyle and I moved to San Francisco this past October. While the month leading up to the move was almost as hectic, if not more hectic than the month leading up to our wedding (only four months prior), I’m glad we did it, even though I miss my friends and the general familiarity of NYC something fierce.

Kyle came into an awesome job. Myself, freshly uprooted from my Photo Manager position at OXO, was left with an inordinate amount of downtime on my hands. Through the ongoing process of self actualization, I’ve come to know a few things about, well, myself…and being idle does not bode well for my mostly effervescent, borderline manic (at times) need to be busy. 

For the first month, I did some exploring, I exercised like a crazy woman and I spent a lot of time online, endlessly checking Facebook and combing Craigslist for jobs and apartments. I drew up elaborate (and budget conscious) meal plans for the week, and cooked dinner at 6 o’clock on the dot all the while looking forward to when Kyle would come home from work and I could chat with someone IRL. I *may* have had a handful of tearful episodes where I lamented to Kyle with glossy eyes that I had nothing to look forward to during the days, aside from an occasional manicure and getting every muscle in my body pummeled at an exercise studio aptly named Burn. I hated the three hour time difference with the East coast, I missed our second income (mine) and I badly wanted to be in our own apartment, not a sublet, with our things, and our dog. I was seriously second guessing our decision to come out here, and wondering when it would stop sucking.

And then we went to Vienna. For an all too quick six days, me piggybacking on an invitation Kyle received to take part in the Pioneer’s Festival, plus a few additional days for seeing the sights. It was a breathtaking experience (admittedly my first time in Europe) and it shifted my perspective ever-so-slightly, experiencing two different cities in an accelerated time frame, allowing me space to reflect upon the past seven and a half years in NYC, cataloging all the creative-isms I’d let go by the wayside while I was feeling bogged down by the nine-to-five lifestyle, and forever guilting myself for not exercising enough, eating out too much, participating in too much “retail therapy”, not spending enough time with friends, not taking the dog on extended walks, barely touching my blog or jewelry stuff or camera, desperately trying to fit in flower classes and 5am trips to the floral market, and general apartment upkeep. All the while feeling a slave to my Google calendar, and the gray hairs sprouting out of my scalp in droves.

I’m happy to report that we’ve secured an apartment in the most aggressive rental market I’ve ever experienced (worse than NYC, by far.) The apartment is smaller than our place in Brooklyn, but it’s bright, amazingly centrally located, and it’s ours. I’ve landed two part-time jobs. One, assisting a sister flower studio to my very favorite flower spot in Brooklyn. The other a temporary holiday sales associate position at Anthropologie. I’m making minimum wage, but have the time and space and more importantly the freedom to pickup all those things that had gotten a little dusty over the years. True we’ve got to be smarter with money, and I sadly have to curb my clog habit, tear. Now I prepare most meals at home, and we limit ourselves to eating out only a few times a week. But the genius thing? Fixing dinner doesn’t feel like a chore anymore, it’s actually something I enjoy, because I’ve got the time and space to do so. 

So here I am. A newbie in SF, trying to find her way. I’m looking forward to what this next year has in store, and am aiming to revamp Fame+Frippery to detail my personal explorations as a West coast transplant with East coast sensibilities. Here we go!

A little flowers related something in the works.

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Photo by: me

Oh wow! I am smitten with this space! Too bad I’m less than a month and a half outside of our nuptials and am drooling over another locale. Good thing some of my besties are recently engaged, wink wink.

All that wood, plant boxes and a skylight?! A perfect location for a Brooklyn-y wedding. And they look like they’re offering the gamut of an all-inclusive affair. Which is pretty attractive compared to the DIY-everything soireé we just put on.

Photos swiped from the Brooklyn Winery site, by Rima Campbell.

I would very much like to hide behind my dachshund today…

I totally stole this from Miss Moss’s Animal Love Post. The photo is by the very talented Clara Canepa.

Ok- admittedly I have a problem with wooden shoes (aka “clogs”.) But all three of these happen to be ON SALE, and happen to be available in my size. Hello??? (Personally leaning for #2.)

1. Loeffler Randall Kaysa Lace-Up Clog, 2. Ariana Bohling Alissa Sandal, 3. Elizabeth & James Bax 

It’s been a looooong while. I got married folks. And am just now recuperating from throwing the biggest party of my life. I  do plan to do one of those snazzy little photo montages sometime soon…

Anyhow- to my most recent obsession, MUD Australia’s newest stuff! Holy is it pretty, and even prettier are these photos! Take a gander. 

I first fell in love with MUD’s line of wares while prop shopping at Lost and Found Props in NYC. The plates are ultra-thin, and come in a variety of pastel colors, in addition to the white. Love, love love.

Photos swiped from here.

Boylans Cola- 1 case (paid $30/case) $20/case
Boylans Diet Cola- 1 case (paid $30/case) $20/case
Boylans Root Beer- 1 case (paid $30/case) $20/case
Boylans Ginger Ale- 2 cases (paid $30/case) $20/case 

Abita Purple Haze- 2 cases (retails $34/case) $22/case
Blue Moon- 3 cases (retails $30/case) $21/case
Dogfish 60min IPA- 22 bottles (retails $38/case) $22/partial
Smuttynose IPA- 1 case (retails $34/case) $22/case
Ten Fidy Imperial Stout- 1 case (retails $82/case) $55/case

14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon 2009, Washington- 1 case (retails $132) $100/case
D’Arenberg Stump Jump Shiraz 2010, Australia- 8 bottles (retails $120) $52/partial 
Rentas des Fincas Rioja Reserve 2005, Spain- 4 bottles (retails $190) $30/partial 

Ferrari Carano Fumé Blanc 2010, California- 1 case (retails $143) $100/case
Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio 2011, Italy- 1 case (retails $120) $80/case

I’m loving this.

// Painting by Francisco Ribera Gomez, 1956

Stumbled upon these beauties over at the Brooklyn Magazine archives. Amazing anything can survive in the cesspool that is the Gowanus Canal. Be sure to read up on the lion, shark, and snake sightings below, hilarious Gowanus-lore.





*Tiny Tim, the bodyguard of mobster Joey Gallo (about whom Bob Dylan wrote the song “Joey”), was said to have wandered the neighborhood with a pet lion cub on a leash. **A really big snake was spotted in 2008 at the end of Degraw Street, near the canal. It’s likely that it escaped from the nearby Gowanus Houses.***In 1950, a medium-sized shark made its way up the canal where it was pumped full of bullets by the local police. ‡Actually edible, so long as you don’t stare for too long into their deep, dark little eyes.

// Illustrations by Melinda Josie. Footnotes and whatnot from Brooklyn Magazine.